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Blog Break

Hi friends!  Just wanted to stop on real quick to say that I am going to be taking a blogging break.

Things have been pretty upside down here lately and I need to just step back and let things settle a bit.  I am hoping that once we get moved into our new house, I will have some time to spend writing some posts about things that have been on my mind.

I’m not sure how long of a break it will be, but I definitely plan to be back and posting by the new year.  I have several specific topics that I am both excited and nervous about.  :)  If you haven’t subscribed to our blog, feel free to do so on the right hand side so you can be notified when we start back up again!



Posted by: lifewithyou1222 | 20 October 2014

Tips for Traveling with a One Year Old


I recently was flying by myself with the Wingman.  Traveling with children can be pretty unpredictable.  I was pretty nervous about it, and could just see us being “those people” who make the flight miserable for everyone.

I did my best not to worry about it, though I will say that I stuffed my backpack full of anything and everything that the Wingman might enjoy.

  • Snacks.  I had an old Puffs container with Cheerios and the Wingman loves taking the lid on and off.  He enjoys that more than he enjoys eating the Cheerios, so it was a two-for-one…snack and a game! ;)  Fishy crackers in a Munchkin snack catcher (again, two-for-one as he loves eating them and also spent a lot of time trying to reach in and get them out).
  • Dollar Store.  I went to the Dollar Tree and scoured the aisles for things that might be interesting to him.  I ended up with a pair of sunglasses, measuring cups, and duct tape.  The first two were huge hits and the duct tape was enjoyable but not quite as mesmerizing.  I would take pieces of the tape and stick them on the tray in front of us.  He had fun pulling it off and sticking it back on.
  • Anything in our house.  I found an old wallet, a dinosaur toy he was given for his birthday, this Fisher Price flashlight (also a birthday present), two birthday cards that played music, etc.
  • And as a last resort, I downloaded some apps on my tablet.  His two favorites were Baby Toy (especially the screen with all the animals) and Ballon Popping (Yes, the balloon is misspelled…no idea if that’s on purpose. lol).
  • Books.  I packed a lift-the-flap book, a touch and feel book, and several “regular” books.
  • Change of clothes.  Wingman pretty much never needs a change of clothes during the day, so I didn’t think that we would need it.  But…..I am sure glad that I packed it because we did end up needing a change in the airport!
  • Gate check.  It is so simple to gate check items.  I kept our stroller with us in the airport and took it right to the gate with us.  Then when we got off the plane it was immediately ready for us.
  • And of course diapers and wipes.  Way more than I thought I would need.
  • When the steward/ess comes to take a drink order, ask for an empty cup.  This can provide some much-needed entertainment!

And I kept thinking that if all else fails, my tricks go out the window, and the baby doesn’t like anything I brought….it would only be for a few hours.  It will only be a few hours out of our trip.

He ended up doing really well!  We didn’t end up being “those people” although I’m not quite sure how considering the fact that Wingman was so exhausted and of course he wouldn’t fall asleep until 5 minutes before we began the descent.  But somehow we made it!

What are your tips for traveling with young children?


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5 Ways to Bless your Husband

I love discovering ways to bless my husband!  I love it when I can make him smile or make his heart happy.  Here are 5 things I have been thinking about lately!


1. Need him.  Find ways to let him know that he is indispensable to you.  Ask him for help on a project.  Tell him how much you adore him and how thankful you are for what he does for your family.

2. But don’t need him too much.  In other words…don’t be needy.  I challenged myself to go 3 days without asking him for anything.  I have realized how lazy I am.  I am ashamed to say that there have been a few times many times where I have asked him to do something for me that I was perfectly capable of doing myself.  I just didn’t want to.

3. Try new things.  Now I have very limited experience in the husband department, as I obviously only have one.  But from what my husband has said and from what I have heard from others….our men love it if we are open to trying new things or just owning what we do.  I have succumbed to so many lies about how I fail at pretty much everything.  I have been scared to try things on my own.  I have been learning to be confident and to just try things.  Learning to learn is a skill…and so is learning to allow yourself to fail sometimes.

4. Make his day with something random.  Surprise him with his favorite dessert.  Kidnap him for a date.  Give him a whole night to play Battlefield.  Plan a movie night and go all out with themed decor.  Send him a random text (like maybe one of these!) during the day.

5. Kiss him.  Here are 10 kinds of kisses every marriage should have!

MP900440327 (1)Microsoft Image



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From Around Blog Land

Feeding Someone in Grief: Tales from the Trenches – Great thoughts on taking meals to someone.

The Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read on Child Safety – Amazing, amazing post about child safety and the many fears of a parent.

Telling Your Kids About Your Past - Great points about how much to tell your kids about your past.

 Joy and Theology – On reconciling joy and theology and the roles that emotions play in Christianity.

Video: Incredible speech to the drumbeat of the 3,315 babies aborted daily in America – Very sobering and oh so powerful.

Posted by: lifewithyou1222 | 9 October 2014

God’s Painting

God is painting his grace on the canvas of human souls….we are God’s brushes.  He wants to soak us on the palette of his grace and paint more of his goodness on yet another soul.

-Paul Tripp in Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands

Posted by: lifewithyou1222 | 6 October 2014

Foam Shape Puzzle Busy Bag

When I made my 101 in 1001 list, I decided I wanted to make a busy bag for the Wingman.  When my sister suggested doing a busy bag swap, I was so excited!

My sisters and I each made three sets of two different busy bags.  One set we kept for our own kids and the others we mailed to each other.

After scouring the internet, I finally decided on the two that I wanted to do.  This post was my first inspiration and what made me decide to make foam shape puzzles.

Supplies needed:

  1. Construction paper
  2. Foamie sheets or self-adhesive foam shapes
  3. Scissors
  4. Pen
  5. Elmer’s glue

2014-07-16 12.34.01

I couldn’t find self-adhesive foam shapes, so I just bought a pack of half sheets.  I definitely understand why the lady in my tutorial recommended the self-adhesives, though!!  It was painstakingly time consuming trying to trace and cut out these shapes.

Being the uncreative person I am, I based most of my patterns off of the ones shared at Tot School.  When I ran a Google image search, I came across this post at Vista Woman.  I love her patterns as well!

I was able to get two puzzles out of each sheet of construction paper.  If I had it to do over again, I think that I would purchase full sheets of foam (unless I can locate self-adhesives…then I would definitely do those!!) and use full sheets of construction paper.  Some of my foam puzzle pieces ended up being quite small and I can imagine they might be easily lost.

2014-07-16 12.26.12

Here are my final puzzles!  I folded them in half, which served to help me to keep the patterns  only on one half.  Plus it makes for more compact storage.

Wingman is still a ways away from being able to understand how to do this project.  But I am excited for when he is able to!!



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July-September Reading

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novelMicrosoft Image


Saved Without a Doubt by John MacArthur

Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

Murder at the Mikado by Julianne Deering


Posted by: lifewithyou1222 | 29 September 2014

Being Intentional in a New Place

Before too much longer we will be PCSing (moving) to our new home.  I am looking forward to seeing who God has chosen for us to get to know.  I can’t to see who He wants us to befriend.

As The Pilot and I have talked about several times before, though, we are going to need to be intentional from Day One.  Before we moved to Texas, we knew we needed to be intentional and get to know our neighbors and community.

And we did.  To an extent.

But then life kicked in.  Pilot training was so busy.  I was shy.  I got pregnant and was nauseous.  Our neighbors were in different phases of training, so it was hard to find times to get together.

And that’s fine….life does happen.

But it made us realize that when we move to Nebraska, we truly need to be firmly intentional from the get-go.  We do not want life to crowd out the opportunities we have to be with the people God has placed in our lives.  We do not want to get into our comfort zone and find only a few people to be friends with.

That is one of the reasons that I put some intentional hospitality goals on my 101 list.  I can’t wait to host that block party and those game nights!  They will provide great opportunities to get to know our neighbors and church family.

What do you do to intentionally get to know new people?


Posted by: lifewithyou1222 | 18 September 2014

From Pinterest to Real Life

Well I found two plain Jane t shirts in my drawer that I never wore.  Rather than just getting rid of them I decided to try my hand at making bleach pen shirts again!  I love the shirt I made last time.

2014-04-05 17.18.53

Plain Jane t shirts

2014-04-05 17.37.37

Design #1  (I am not creative on my own….I found
both these designs on Pinterest and copied them. :) )

2014-04-06 15.03.51

Design #2

The second one turned out better than the first, in my opinion.  I ended up not leaving the bleach on long enough on the first, so the design is hard to see.  Plus the flowers look a little young and girly.

2014-05-22 13.44.25

This one could have done with a little more bleach time as well, but I also like the more understated look.


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Tugging Box

While Googling and Pinteresting for activities to do with a one year old I came across an idea of making a tugging box!  I followed this tutorial and it was super easy.

I had a shoe box from several months ago when I bought some heels.  Ribbon was left over from our wedding.  At Walmart I purchased three sheets of felt (23 cents each) and a package of pipe cleaners (97 cents).  So it was very inexpensive.

2014-06-27 22.52.38
All my supplies

I used a pair of scissors to poke holes into the box.  I wasn’t sure how many to do, but I just poked a decent amount, figuring I could add more if necessary.

After I made the holes, I simply threaded the items through two holes.  Some of them, like the shorter pipe cleaners, were placed close together.  Since the ribbon was longer, I threaded it through holes on opposite sides of the box.

2014-06-27 23.20.19
2014-06-27 23.20.32

In order to further encourage hand-eye coordination, holes were left empty on top so the Wingman can stick pipe cleaners in there if he wants.

It took probably a total of 10 minutes to make.  Super easy.

I made it late at night.  While I contemplated waking the Wingman up to try it out, I managed to wait until morning.  I was so excited to see what he would do!

He was definitely intrigued.  He loved pulling on the various pieces.  He has yet to notice that when he pulls on one end, the other end gets shorter.  But we’ll get there.  For now he just enjoys pulling on them.


Definitely a success!!


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