Kindergarten Homeschool


As of this year, we are officially homeschooling The Wingman!  We did some loose homeschooling last year, but now we are in it for real!

I must admit it was pretty overwhelming trying to decide what style of homeschool we felt was most beneficial and what would work the best with my teaching style and the Wingman’s learning style.  Plus, pretty much all the curriculum web sites say basically the same thing.  They all have the same stated goals and ideals.  So how were we to pick??

The Pilot and I sat down one day and outlined our ideal curriculum if such a thing were to exist.  Taking into consideration core subjects, things we wanted the Wingman to learn, and areas that we felt were gaps in our own homeschool education, we made a list of what we wanted.  Armed with that, I went back to the sites to see which options was the closest to what we would like.

Lo and behold, I found a curriculum that was exactly what we were looking for.  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought that our list was idealistic and we would have to prioritize our goals, but we ended up with one that checked all our boxes!  We ended up going with Timberdoodle.

I was still a bit nervous because it was such a big investment financially.  But so far, we are all pretty pleased with it!  The Wingman has been having so much fun and he will frequently ask to do school.  I love that it is a perfect mix of challenging things, review areas, and hands-on activities.  It includes all the main subjects we wanted him to learn.  I am so happy we ended up finding it!

We started the first day of school with our celebratory tradition of going to get donuts.  Then we took his first day of school pictures and filled out his first day of Kindergarten interview from Positively Splendid.

Every morning we start with our version of circle time, or morning time.

  • We start by doing our daily calendar using this Melissa and Doug Wall Calendar.
  • Next we do a section in our daily devotional.
  • Using songs, we review our address and next will be learning our phone numbers.
  • This next part is the Wingman’s favorite.  We are working on memorizing the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy.  We do about a verse per week.  When that one is done, we’ll pick another hymn to learn.
  • I purchased this Character bundle online.  We focus on one character/social trait a week.
  • Another favorite part for the Wingman….read aloud time.  I read aloud going through various chapter books.  I have been surprised and pleased how much he looks forward to the next section each day!
  • We end our time with prayer.

After that, we move into the actual curriculum.  Each day we do the core subjects…reading, spelling, and math.  Then the other subjects are broken up on different days.  The Wingman’s favorites are science and his hands-on gears set.  We also do history, auditory skills, geography, rhymes, emotions, and other hands on activities.

Obviously, we are only a short way into the school year.  But so far it has been great!  Overall we are thrilled with Timberdoodle.  The few things that I don’t love or that haven’t been working, we just tweak as necessary.

I would love to hear about your kids’ school year and how it is going!  Are you doing homeschool or public school?  What is your child’s favorite subjects?

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Homeschool

  1. This sounds great! I’m happy you’ve found a curriculum you love. I’ve tweaked our curriculum choices a little bit every year that we homeschool 🙂 but I also really like most of the resources we’ve used. It’s great when the little ones are excited about school… Kindergarten is such a fun grade for that. 🙂

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