Amazing Race Wrap-Up

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Whew!  Been a while since I posted about the Race.  I must say I felt the ending was rather anticlimactic.  So many good teams that seemed a lot stronger.  Apparently Ernie and Cindy were a stronger team than I thought.  🙂  Tommy and Andy were definitely my favorite team all the way through….their enthusiasm and bold testimony of Christ was amazing!

Here are some quotes from a few of the episodes….



Cathi: We need to put the pedal to the medal.  As safely and legally as possible.

Cathi: Have such a great time.

Marcus: From now on, THAT’S how you drive!!

Tommy or Andy: This is so rad!

Bill: (gets directions and walks away)  Did you get that?

Tommy or Andy: This is awesome!  I can’t see anything!

Tommy or Andy: That’s a ways down…that’s a long way down actually.

The Amazing Race Episode 9

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Busy week this week!!  RSVPs are coming in!  Yesterday was my bridal shower.  Gifts are piled in our dining room.  Wedding in 38 days!!!  😀

The Amazing Race was great tonight!!  Fun and hilarious challenges.   I LOVED the bunnies!!!!


Sandy: Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jeremy: (disbelief) No!!!!  (excited)Yes!!!!

Tommy or Andy: How do you drive a manual?
Tommy or Andy: You put it in R first.   I think R means….real fast.

Laurence: May the force be with you.

Bill: (rabbit challenge) The hopper got….winded.  So we’re going with Speckles.

Bill: (rabbit challenge) Oh, Speckles, we’re gonna take you home!!

Marcus: (rabbit) You got my spirit in you!  Let it fly!

Marcus: (to bunny) I’ve had a frustrating day.  And maybe you can help with the frustration.

Marcus: (to bunny)  I love you.

Laurence: (bunny) This one’s on steroids, I can tell.


Amazing Race Episode 8

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Last night was episode 8!  I love how Tommy, Andy, Bill, and Cathi always just have so much fun.

Marcus was really throwing out the funny lines last night!!


Marcus: One dollar.  One dollar?  What are we gonna ride, a pachyderm?

Marcus: Move, goat!  Move, goat!!!

Marcus: Y’all ain’t got no babies up there?

Amani: I feel like I’m going to throw up.
Marcus: You can throw up later.

Cathi: Can I get an appointment (for the hair)?


Amazing Race Episode 6

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I enjoyed this leg of the race!!  The Malawi people were so encouraging and sweet!

And unfortunately I still don’t know which one is Tommy and which is Andy…..things just happen so quickly and I don’t catch their names….

Justin: We’re all together….one big, happy, racing family.

Tommy or Andy (excited): We’re in Africa….this is sick.  I’ve never been to Africa.
Tommy or Andy: I’ve never been to Africa.  There’s no snow in Africa.

Zac: My Dad’s doing great.  He’s owning the jump suit.

Marcus: (to driver)  Come on, let’s move.  We’re in a high speed race and this is the opposite of a high speed race.

Tommy or Andy: See any lions out there?


Amazing Race Episode 5

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What a race tonight!!  Again, the challenges weren’t very….challenging…but there were a lot of mix-ups.  I was afraid my favorite team was going to be eliminated!  Thankfully, they are still in.  I love how Tommy and Andy aren’t afraid to talk about Jesus and what they believe.  Great verses they chose!

I was sad with the elimination, though.  For the most part, they seemed like sweet girls.


Tommy or Andy: We are on an elephant right now.

Tommy or Andy: (riding elephant) I guess I’m driving.

Tomy or Andy: I never dreamed an elephant could be this nimble.

Justin: Are we about to ride an elephant?
Jennifer: Hi, elephant!  I’ll give you a back massage with my feet.

Tommy or Andy: That’s some serious four-hoofing.

Sandy: I love my Dumbo.

(Zac says something about spending all night on a bus)
Laurence: A delightful bus.

Marcus: They may look like Ma and Pa…..but they can run!

Tommy or Andy: (when Zac and Laurence were right behind them again) These two again!  What are you doing here?





Amazing Race Episode 4

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Tommy and Andy are officially one of my favorite teams.  They do really well, they’re funny, and they’re nice to each other and the other teams.  Plus….tonight one of them in the closing remarks said they were just praising God and very blessed to be there and to have done that well.

Bill: (about taxi driver) He’s going to get us there in….chop chop…..good shape.

Cathi: (taxi passes another team)  Oh, good job!  You did great!

Laurence: This is where we want to go.
Lady: Yes, I know.  Four cars go out.

Marcus: Hey, look at Justin.  He looks like he’s on the front of the Titanic!

Bill: (looking at pile of chairs and umbrellas)  This is a fine mess.

Marcus: Let’s go crazy!  Let’s go crazy!
Amani: He gets his catch phrases and I’ll let him have it.  So we’ll be going crazy all day today.

Tommy: (grabbing clue from nest) The eagle has left the nest.

Tommy or Andy: (to a guy with a poofy hair do)  I like the hair, man!

Cathi: There’s Phil…..with a person.

Amazing Race

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Some interesting moments this week!  From crashing a bike (yikes!  something I would do?) to chasing sheep, it was exciting.  I felt bad about the time penalty…and got a little emotional with the losing team.  For the most part, I like all of the teams in the race.  From here on out, I’ll probably be sad with all the eliminations!  lol

Tommy or Andy: Who should we pick?  Who’s feeling it?  You’ve got a good smile.

Cathi: I LOVE bicycles!

Cathi: (on bike)  Okay!  Ding ding!

Zac: My sheep’s trying to run off!

Tommy: You count them, I’m remembering.

Phil: That means you are team number one.
Tommy or Andy: Come on.
Phil: I’m not kidding you.
Tommy or Andy: Come on, Phil.

Cathi: There’s some tension….building.