The Amazing Race Episode 9

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Busy week this week!!  RSVPs are coming in!  Yesterday was my bridal shower.  Gifts are piled in our dining room.  Wedding in 38 days!!!  😀

The Amazing Race was great tonight!!  Fun and hilarious challenges.   I LOVED the bunnies!!!!


Sandy: Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jeremy: (disbelief) No!!!!  (excited)Yes!!!!

Tommy or Andy: How do you drive a manual?
Tommy or Andy: You put it in R first.   I think R means….real fast.

Laurence: May the force be with you.

Bill: (rabbit challenge) The hopper got….winded.  So we’re going with Speckles.

Bill: (rabbit challenge) Oh, Speckles, we’re gonna take you home!!

Marcus: (rabbit) You got my spirit in you!  Let it fly!

Marcus: (to bunny) I’ve had a frustrating day.  And maybe you can help with the frustration.

Marcus: (to bunny)  I love you.

Laurence: (bunny) This one’s on steroids, I can tell.


One thought on “The Amazing Race Episode 9

  1. Sounds like a fun episode. It was fun eavesdropping on your conversation last night even though I wasn’t watching the show live. Hopefully we will get a chance to watch the show later today . . . or at least some time before next week’s episode. 🙂

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