The Gift of Prayer

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I am so thankful for prayer.  I’m thankful that God gave us this way to communicate with Him.  Verses like Psalm 62:8 are so encouraging…”Pour out your heart before Him.”  God cares about our thoughts and He desires that we communicate.  Even though He already knows every thought, word, and desire, He wants and allows us to talk about them with Him.

                                                                                                            Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I’m thankful that I truly can pour out my heart before Him…whether it’s praise, petition, questions, or even just silence.  I’m thankful that God is teaching me about prayer, because…..I am not the prayer warrior that I ought to be.

The past few days I have had several friends on Facebook post some pretty serious prayer requests.  I’m thankful for how Facebook can be a prayer chain!  I love how a person can post a status, and within minutes or seconds, the Body of Christ all around the country and maybe all around the world is in prayer.

I’m thankful that God teaches my heart through prayer.  His power is displayed as He answers sometimes very specific prayer requests.  His concern is evident when He answers prayers I had prayed for probably about ten years.  I learn about His peace as I am inexplicably comforted and at rest when I had moments before been hurt, confused, or worried.  His greatness and majesty is impressed upon my heart when I spend time in praise.

I’m thankful that prayer is a weapon!!  It really is.  One of the sweet couples Michael and I talked to during our premarital counseling were telling us about the power of prayer.  The wife, Danielle, said something about how prayer is sometimes being strong and waging warfare for our spouse when they might be weak.  I love that.  It totally puts it in a new perspective when I stop and think that when I pray, I am waging war on behalf of the people I love and care about.


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