Book List – April to June

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April –

The One by Kiera Cass

No Little Women by Aimee Byrd



The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

Conversationally Speaking by Alan Garner

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone by JK Rowling

Hot, Holy, and Humorous by J Parker

The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Enns

Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans


June –

First Impressions by Debra White Smith (review posted here)

As Waters Gone By by Cynthia Ruchti

The Art of Losing Yourself by Katie Ganshert

Untwisting Scriptures by Rebecca Davis

The Case of the Phantom Frog by E.W. Hildick


Books Read to date/Min. Goal for Year: 27/48

Book Review: Hearts Entwined

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Hearts Entwined is a historical romance novella collection.  There are four novellas included….

…The Love Knot by Karen Witemeyer
…The Tangled Ties that Bind by Mary Connealy
…Bound and Determined by Regina Jennings
…Tied and True by Melissa Jagears

I read it as I was looking for a change of pace in my reading, but overall I was disappointed.  It was not bad, per se, just not my cup of tea.  I will say that each novella got progressively better in my opinion, and the last one was probably my favorite.

For a light read, it was enjoyable, with the camel stories and doctor stories, and all sorts of things in between.  But if you are bothered by cliched plot “twists” or romance stereotypes, it’s probably not the book for you.

Note: I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review.

From Mother to Mother – Miscarriage Book


A few months ago I came across some books by Emily Long.  I purchased her book You are Not Alone: Love Letters From Loss Mom to Loss Mom and I have read through several portions.

Emily compiled letters written by moms who have had miscarriages.  It is beautiful and heart-felt.  Emily also has a book of letters from and to Dads, a book of her own journey through loss, and a journal to go through while processing loss.

I was browsing her web site and discovered that she was writing a second book of letters from and to mothers who have had losses. I wrote a letter to submit and found out last month that my letter was accepted for final publication.

The new book, From Mother to Mother, will be published on September 12 of this year!

From Mother to Mother Cover (1)

It will be a compilation of letters from woman who have lost children in early pregnancy, late pregnancy, or after birth.  I am excited to be a part of this and I hope that God will use our story to bring comfort to others and showcase His love.

Book Review: Talking with God

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Talking with God is an easy-to-read book about prayer.  Written by Adam Weber (author bio here), it is comprised of short chapters and chatty, colloquial language.  While that might make it difficult for some readers to get through it, that does not lessen the meaning or message.


The first half of the book discusses how to talk with God and acknowledges that most likely all people, laymen and pastors alike, have struggled with prayer at some point or even for a lengthy period of time.  Couched in that framework of “we’re all in this together,” the first few chapters discuss praying as to a friend, honest conversation with God, trusting in God’s love, etc.

Those chapters were very basic and I was tempted to dismiss them.  But then I remembered the importance of those truths, and I kept reading.  And I’m glad I did.  The second half of the book went into how to pray during various life situations.  For example, the author discussed how to pray when you face storms, when you’re discouraged, when you’re exhausted, when you want to be used by God, etc.

In those chapters, I found some nuggets that I really needed to hear.  Again, it was written simply, but sometimes I think simple is better.  There were no fancy words, no deep theological treatises.  Just simple unvarnished truth.

Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Homemade Taquitos

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When I wrote my 101 in 1001 list, the end date seemed so far away.  Now I have about two months left to complete quite a few things. 😉  I am pretty sure I won’t be able to get it all done, but I am working on getting a few more things checked off before the official end date.  Then I’ll likely keep working on my list, even though it will officially be ended.

I did, however, finally make homemade taquitos!  When The Pilot and I were on our honeymoon, we found this amazing Mexican restaurant that had some incredibly delicious taquitos.  I decided that I should try my hand at making some and added that to my 101 list.

I made these Easy Oven Baked Taquitos from Nerdy Mama.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of mine, but they were tasty!  Not quite as good as the ones on our honeymoon but definitely tasty.  🙂  I will have to try them again sometime but get some toppings…maybe some guacamole, chopped tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. 🙂

Book Review: Grace and the Preacher

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Grace and the Preacher is the newest novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer, set to release in March of this year.

Grace is twenty-four, an old maid for her era, and longs to meet the new preacher she has been corresponding with and whom, she discovers, she has already fallen in love with.  Would he possibly be drawn to her as well when they met?

Theophil long ago stood up for truth, but in the process, created some mortal enemies, who are now hunting for him.  On the run, Theophil finds himself meeting a random person who seems to be the perfect one to help him out of his problems.  Soon enough he ends up in the same town in which Grace lives.


While aspects of the book were cliched, and I did predict almost all critical plot twists, the author still had me turning the pages, curious to find out what would happen next.  She delves into themes of forgiveness, mercy, trusting God above even your heart’s greatest desires, honesty, etc.

Even though Grace and the Preacher does not make my Top 10 list, I enjoyed it and I intend to look into other books by the author. Read more about the book and author here.

Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Unintentional Hiatus

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Hi friends!

I apologize for the lack of posting!

Today I am getting ready for the Wingman’s birthday party (someone tell me HOW is it possible that my little guy is two years old now??), but I hope to be back to posting very soon.  First up will be a recap of the Wingman’s Curious George party. 😀

I hope you all are doing well!


Judging Those Judgers


You know what is weird to me?

It’s weird to me that the church is so anti-legalism and anti-judgmentalism……that they are judgmental about it.

I have always found that ironic.

Growing up, we frequently had people accusing us of legalism and judgmentalism.  Looking back, I can understand more of why they perceived it that way, although I still think that in many cases they were wrong.

What they were definitely wrong about though?  They were definitely wrong about a couple things

1. Lumping us all together.  Because our family as a unit did or practiced certain things, therefore all of our hearts were legalistic and we were judging all other people who did differently.  This doesn’t even make sense.  All people are unique individuals and all people are at different points in their walks with God.  Maybe we were all legalistic.  Maybe half of us were.  Maybe only one of us was.  Maybe none of us was.  To say that all of us were legalistic is a huge assumption.

2. Judging our hearts.  I have seen this so many times.  It hits me pretty hard because I have been personally attacked so many times.  It hurts a lot to be accused and it can be so hard to get false accusations out of your head and heart.  Judging the status of people’s hearts before God is going a bit far.

People assumed the motivation behind our choices.

People were upset at us for judging them.

People talked about us behind our backs and said painful things.

People wouldn’t even talk to us to ask why we did what we did.  They assumed.

In short…people judged us for our conservative choices.  Our whole family was a taboo.  My husband had a couple people telling him he should not marry me because of a few specific things.  That weren’t even true.  I thank God that the Pilot didn’t listen to them and instead got to know me and got to know the truth.

Did I have legalism in my life?  Yes.  But I think that the situations in which I was legalistic would surprise most people.  I still have people who have painted me into a box and refuse to see any other colors on the canvas.  Preconceived ideas and notions keep people from getting to know me.

Why are people labeled as judgmental and legalistic just for being conservative?

And why is it ok to judge people’s conservative choices?

And why is it ok to judge conservatives for judging you?

Judgmental Christians

I get that it is a complicated issue.  I get that a lot of times conservative choices can be legalistic.  (News flash: Choices made in the name of “Christian liberty” can also be legalistic!)  I get that there is a lot of baggage surrounding the whole issue.

But judgment isn’t the answer.  To accuse someone of legalism, especially without knowing the facts or the state of their heart, is judgmentalism.

If you are concerned about someone, by all means talk to them.  Please do not make accusations.  Do not talk behind their back.  Do not assume.

And please be careful casting the first stone.  Legalism comes in many forms, and so does judgmentalism.

Standards, conservative or not, come down to a person’s personal relationship with God.  We ought not judge “liberal” people or “conservative” people simply for making choices that are different from ours.

I understand this post could seem ironic.  I don’t intend to judge others in my comments about judging.  😉  I merely hope to spark conversation or perhaps cause each of us to stop and think about our thoughts and words toward others.




A Christian’s Journey through Doubts, Discouragement, and Depression


Sometimes life is not as we expect.  Sometimes Christianity does not go as planned. Sometimes things are harder than we were told.

I have come to realize that true Christianity is a lot harder and a lot more nitty gritty than I had always thought.  At the same time, it is far more simple than I ever realized.  It goes deeper than a lot of people admit and it is a lot more straight forward than a lot of people want.

Following Christ is truly a paradox and it’s one that I do not have figured out.  The past couple of years have been rough but I am thankful for what God has taught me.

In case you missed my latest blog series, here is a recap.  My story is far from over, and I pray that I will continue to rely on God’s grace to get me through.


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