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Book Review: The Patmos Deception


Unfortunately, I was not a fan of The Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn.  I know I am hard to please when it comes to fiction, but I found the characters in this book to be flat.  The people were cliched and conversations were cliched.

I almost stopped reading it several times, but about halfway through it did pick up somewhat.  I did finish it and enjoyed the second half more than the first half.  The drama and mystery was over-written.  It seemed as if the author was attempting to make it seem mysterious and gripping…..when there was very little that was actually mysterious about it.  Several times it felt like the characters were over-reacting and the danger just wasn’t that great.

I did enjoy the setting of the book.  It takes place in Greece and one of the main characters is extremely knowledgeable about that area.  She talked of the Biblical places of Ephesus and Patmos.  It definitely lit a fire under me and reminded me that I really want to visit there and experience that culture as well as see those Biblical sites.

Note: I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review.


Spouse Deployment Survival Kit


One of my most re-pinned Pins is this one.  It’s about how to make a survival kit to give to a friend whose spouse is deployed.  When I went back to look at it today, I discovered the original link is dead, as the owner made the blog private.  But Google yielded some other great results.

I am just loving this idea!!  Deployments are looming up closer and closer for us and, knowing myself and my tendencies, I have a feeling it is going to be a battle for me to fight for joy and not give in to a full-time pity party.  I know deployments are hard on all spouses and families, and I think this is a great idea.  I have great plans to make these for a couple of my friends when their husbands deploy for the first time.

Here are some ideas for things to include in this spouse deployment survival kit…

  • Stationery and stamps
  • Chocolate
  • Journal
  • Pens
  • Encouraging book
  • Scripture verses

And because I am not the most clever person, I direct you to these awesome posts.  Great ideas for including things like marbles (for when you’ve lost yours), a sucker (because it’s ok to admit sometimes that deployments suck), tea (for the late nights when it’s hard to fall asleep) etc.  Check out the posts here, here, and here (this one even has a free printable!).

What kind of survival kits have you made?  What did you include?


101 in 1001


I have seen these goal lists many times but I finally decided to make one of my own.  I always think of things that I would love to do “someday”…or there are things on my mental to do list that just never get done.  So here is a written list that I am putting on our blog for accountability.  I am excited to check things off!  I will keep this list as a tab at the top of our blog and will cross off items as I complete them.  If I blog about a specific item, I will also add the link to that post.

So…here are 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days!

Start date: June 16, 2014
End date: April 26, 2017

Food and Cooking:

1. Don’t eat out for a month.

2. Make a bone broth.

3. Make homemade taquitos.

4. Find 20 new side dishes to incorporate in family meals.



5. Work out at least 3 times a week for 2 months

6. Do a juice cleanse.

7. Participate in a mud or color run.

8. Find recipes for, make, and use at least 3 natural cleaners.

9. Drink 8 bottles of water a day for a week straight.

10. Do 30 push-ups and sit-ups a day for two weeks straight.

11. Run a mile in less than ten minutes without stopping.

12.   Run twice a week for a month straight.

13. Do a sugar cleanse.

14. Complete the 30 Day Shred.

15. Do a detox bath.



16. Participate in a reading challenge.

17. Read at least 3 marriage books.

18. Read 10 ebooks.

19. Read 2 books by Dickens.

20. Read 5 fiction books I already own.  (They can’t overlap with books for another item on my list.)

21. Read 5 nonfiction books I already own.  (They can’t overlap with books for another item on my list.)

22. Join or start a book club.

23. Read 2 biographies.



24. Host a blog link-up.

25. Run a blog series.

26. Blog about at least 40 of the items on my list and how I achieved them.

27. Get 40,000 hits on my blog.

28. Comment on at least two blogs every day for a month.

29. Write a guest post for another blog.

30.  Have 3 guest posts on our blog.



31. Spend time studying a different book of the Bible each month for 4 months.

32. Memorize one book of the Bible.

33. Go through Jonathan Edwards resolutions.

34. Go through a 30 day challenge (prayer challenge or husband encouragement challenge) and invite others to join for accountability.

35. Memorize 5 uplifting songs.

36. Listen to 10 online sermons.

37. Donate money to 5 organizations that are working for God.



38. Buy or make the Pilot a gift for no reason.

39. Go to a couples massage.

40. Go geo-caching

41. Go to a drive-in movie.

42. Take a dance class with the Pilot.

43. Surprise the Pilot with a “big” date.

44. Go on a picnic.

45. {Personal}

46. {Personal}

47. Go on a progressive dinner date.

48.  Movie theater marathon.  (2+ moves in a row)

49. Leave notes for the Pilot all around the house for him to find.

50. Have a board game date night.



51. Get involved in a play group for the Wingman.

52. Do 30 intentional activities with the Wingman.

53. Go to the zoo.

54. Read 2 parenting books.

55. Buy him a just because gift.

56. Go on 10 Mommy/Son dates.

57. Make a busy bag.

58. Find 5 new healthy snacks for the Wingman.



59. Find 10 new hairstyles to try.

60. Get a makeup lesson.

61. Buy myself flowers just because.

62. Wear makeup for a week straight.

63. Begin process of becoming a certified prenatal fitness instructor.

64. Become CPR certified again.

65. Get a massage.

66.  Pick two of my clothing ideas off of Pinterest to incorporate into my real wardrobe.


To Learn:

67. Learn some self defense skills.

68. Learn 3 new piano pieces.

69. Learn basic sewing skills.

70. Brush up on US geography.

71. Brush up on world geography.

72. Learn to French braid.

73. Brush up on the alphabet in sign language.

74. Learn basic First Aid.

75. Learn to fold a fitted sheet.


For Others:

76. Write 10 letters to friends just because.

77. Send a care package to a friend just because.

78. Find ways to bless 5 strangers.  (Such as giving a server a 100% tip, paying for someone else’s drive thru order, etc)

79. Send 2 packages to Any Soldier.

80. Surprise a friend with flowers.

81. Send 5 notes of gratefulness to people who have blessed my life.

82. Bake cookies for the Pilot to take in to work.

83. Help fund an adoption.

84. Babysit someone else’s kids so they can go on a date.



85.  Have a new friend/couple over for dinner each month for 6 months.

86. Host 10 game nights.

87. Host a mystery dinner party.

88. Host a block party.


Odds and Ends

89. Buy a brand new copy of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex to give to someone on Paperbackswap.

90. Complete 5 Pinterest projects.

91. Explore 10 new-to-me local businesses or stores in my town.

92. Get a sign that lists the bases we have been to.

93. Post an encouraging song on Facebook every weekend for a month.

94. Don’t ask the Pilot to help me for 3 days.  (I can do things, I’m just lazy sometimes)

95. Take a technology break for one week.

96. Spend 30 minutes writing every day for 30 days.

97. Complete wedding scrapbook.

98. Complete a crochet project.

99. Complete a cross stitch project.

100. Try Birchbox

101. Make 2 snapfish photo books.




Our blog!


Welcome to our blog!!  We’re very excited to start blogging together about life and our journey together.

The name of the blog comes from one of our favorite songs….Life With You by Celtic Thunder.  We first heard the song over a year ago and we loved it…then last November we got to hear them in concert.  It was so exciting to hear our song in real life.  🙂  I think it’s an apt title for our blog as it encompasses not only the wonderful, exciting feelings of being in love but the wonderful, exciting, real-life moments of life together…forever.  The 12.22 is our wedding date…the beginning of our forever.

Our blog will probably be filled with rather an eclectic mix of posts…life happenings, wedding planning, things God is teaching us, quotes, stories…who knows?  Mostly we want to blog for the fun of it…and after we move it can be a good way of keeping in touch with people still here.

-The Pilot and Bonnie-