Our blog!


Welcome to our blog!!  We’re very excited to start blogging together about life and our journey together.

The name of the blog comes from one of our favorite songs….Life With You by Celtic Thunder.  We first heard the song over a year ago and we loved it…then last November we got to hear them in concert.  It was so exciting to hear our song in real life.  🙂  I think it’s an apt title for our blog as it encompasses not only the wonderful, exciting feelings of being in love but the wonderful, exciting, real-life moments of life together…forever.  The 12.22 is our wedding date…the beginning of our forever.

Our blog will probably be filled with rather an eclectic mix of posts…life happenings, wedding planning, things God is teaching us, quotes, stories…who knows?  Mostly we want to blog for the fun of it…and after we move it can be a good way of keeping in touch with people still here.

-The Pilot and Bonnie-

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