God, I Need You Now!


One Sunday at church we sang a song I had never heard before.  But I instantly fell in love with it.

It spoke so well to my journey.  It talked about having faith….but small faith.

I was so encouraged.  Faith the size of the mustard seed.  It’s still faith.

As soon as I got home I looked it up to listen again and read the lyrics.  I love how it talks about a side of Christianity that isn’t often discussed.  It is so easy to feel like you are alone or that you are a bad or shallow Christian if you deal with deep pain and anguish.  This song talks about clinging to God in those times.



Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six
Part Seven Part Eight

8 thoughts on “God, I Need You Now!

  1. Your church plays Plumb songs!? That is awesome.
    I recommend looking up that whole cd, it is so encouraging.

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