Amazing Race

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Some interesting moments this week!  From crashing a bike (yikes!  something I would do?) to chasing sheep, it was exciting.  I felt bad about the time penalty…and got a little emotional with the losing team.  For the most part, I like all of the teams in the race.  From here on out, I’ll probably be sad with all the eliminations!  lol

Tommy or Andy: Who should we pick?  Who’s feeling it?  You’ve got a good smile.

Cathi: I LOVE bicycles!

Cathi: (on bike)  Okay!  Ding ding!

Zac: My sheep’s trying to run off!

Tommy: You count them, I’m remembering.

Phil: That means you are team number one.
Tommy or Andy: Come on.
Phil: I’m not kidding you.
Tommy or Andy: Come on, Phil.

Cathi: There’s some tension….building.

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