UPT Base Selection


Today, Bonnie and I put in our top preferences for our base for Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT).

For the Pilot AFSC (92T0), there are only 3 real choices. They are all pretty similar; remote locations, nice housing, etc.
The choices are: Columbus AFB, Laughlin AFB, or Vance AFB. There was an option to do Whiting Field (Naval Base) but we didn’t want that.

Our preferences are:

Columbus AFB
Lauglin AFB
Vance AFB

Now we just have to wait and see where the Air Force assigns us!

-The Pilot

4 thoughts on “UPT Base Selection

  1. Any news yet??? 🙂 Someday we could end up at the same post maybe? Since we’re both aviation??? I know Lewis McCord is a joint base in WA state… Wishful thinking, I am sure… LOL 🙂

    • We don’t know yet….but we should know “any day now.” 🙂 Michael said he didn’t think that we will ever be at Lewis McCord….but that would be SO neat if it did work out!! 😀

  2. Hey you guys might have to come to Randolph first, that is where they first sent us for training. The hubs switched jobs though so we are staying here for another few years. Let me know where they decide to send you for training! 🙂

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