Amazing Race! Episode 2

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Another episode down!  The challenges didn’t seem as difficult or crazy as they sometimes get.  But there were some funny moments!  I don’t really want to post spoilers here… on with the quotes!

Mr. Sunderland: Banana.

Andy: We’re gonna catch some waves, dude.
Tommy: Don’t “dude” me, dude.

Cathi: We’re excited to see the kids, who will not be excited to see us, because they will think we’re toast.  But we’re not toast yet.

(driving)  These guys are on a different level.

Bill (untangling rope): This is Christmas tree lights gone crazy.

Marcus: I know how you feel, Big Easy.

Marcus: And I’m going to hit a tree.  Get away from me, tree.  You bother me.

Ron: You do it.
Bill: All right, I’m going to spelunk.

Tommy: It’s like Indiana Jones in the temple of….Jakarta.

Cathi: Oh, you just rocked that!

Liz or Marie (dancing): Please, can I have some money?  I saw you laughing.

Tommy or Andy: You ladies have a great time at the mall!

Sandy: Let’s do the sprint of our lives.


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