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“This” by Darius Rucker.

Yes.  I am a country music fan.

My routine when I get in the car is something like this: lock door, scoot seat almost all the way forward, buckle seat belt, turn on country radio station.

Which is how I discovered “This.”  It quickly became one of my favorite country songs.

I don’t know that Darius Rucker is a Christian.  But I love the truth in this song.  Every little thing in life works out perfectly…even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.  In the song, he talks about things that “went wrong” in his life.  Difficulties he faced, changes to plans, frustrations he encountered.  The chorus always ends with, “Thank God for all I ever missed, ’cause it led me here to this.”

I love it.

I think about all of the things that I “almost” did after graduating high school.  Like how I considered going to a college in Lubbock, Texas.  Or how I began pursuing teaching overseas for a semester.  Or considering a job that would have required a lot of travel.  All were “serious” considerations.  If I had gone with any of those options…..would I be here right now?  Would I have gone to EBC, the college that has taught me, frustrated me, and grown me so much?  Would I have had the opportunity to spend so much quality time with my friend Jeanette, who also went to EBC?  Would I have been able to get to know my friend Cristina, who is an amazing friend and mentor?  Would I have become friends with Michael, fallen in love, and been planning my wedding?

Probably not.  And those are only a few of the things I would have missed.

It’s amazing how God does indeed lead my life.  Sometimes as I “just” live day to day it’s harder to see (or I forget to see) what He is doing.  But when I take the time to look back…..His hand is everywhere.

I love this song.  And I love my life.  And I am so thankful for how God has and is working in my life!


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