Amazing Race Wrap-Up

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Whew!  Been a while since I posted about the Race.  I must say I felt the ending was rather anticlimactic.  So many good teams that seemed a lot stronger.  Apparently Ernie and Cindy were a stronger team than I thought.  🙂  Tommy and Andy were definitely my favorite team all the way through….their enthusiasm and bold testimony of Christ was amazing!

Here are some quotes from a few of the episodes….



Cathi: We need to put the pedal to the medal.  As safely and legally as possible.

Cathi: Have such a great time.

Marcus: From now on, THAT’S how you drive!!

Tommy or Andy: This is so rad!

Bill: (gets directions and walks away)  Did you get that?

Tommy or Andy: This is awesome!  I can’t see anything!

Tommy or Andy: That’s a ways down…that’s a long way down actually.

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