Getting married is fun


The other day I had an eye doctor appointment.  I’ve actually had a lot recently.  Short story: I’m trying to get contact lenses, but none of them are working.  Therefore, I have tried 5 different kinds, the 6th is being ordered and if that one doesn’t work, I’m ready to be done trying.  Anyway.  I’ve been seeing a lot of the people there.

They all know that we’re getting married soon.  Yesterday they were asking lots of questions about the wedding and where we’ll be living.  One lady in particular was soo excited for us.  She was the youngest of the group and she related how she just loved her wedding day and was so sad when it was over.  She loved being married.

“Aww, it’s so fun,” she said to me.

“What is?”  Says another lady walking in the room.

“Getting married.”  1st speaker

“It is?”  2nd speaker.  They all three had a laugh at that point.

3rd lady speaks, saying something like, “We can see how you feel about it.”  A little later, “I love marriage.”

“Really?”  1st speaker.


“You never talk about it.”  1st

“No, I loved it.  I did it twice I loved it so much.”  3rd speaker

Again they shared a laugh.

It made me sad.  I was struck by the one lady’s comment that the other woman never talked about her husband or marriage.  It just wasn’t a topic of conversation.  I currently don’t have a job…but even though I don’t have an official workplace, I really want people to know that I love the fact that I’m getting married.  That I love Michael.  And after we’re married, I want them to know that I love marriage (because I’m pretty sure I will!).

I know, I know, it’s easy for me to think all this now….before more of the “real-life” marriage issues hit.  But it just really hit me again how marriage is seen in our society today.  It’s sad.  It really is.  To love your wedding day, to love your marriage, for your marriage to last for a lifetime…is more of a fantasy or a fairy-tale.  It doesn’t really happen that way.

But it can.  And it should.  Marriage is beautiful.  It’s a gift from God.  It’s about companionship, love, forgiveness, intimacy on all levels, encouragement, and faithfulness.  It’s about showing a tiny picture of God’s relationship with us.  I really want my marriage with Michael to show this beautiful, wonderful design for marriage.  And I know that it doesn’t just come “because we’re Christians.”  It’s a day-by-day, minute-by-minute choice.  By God’s grace, we will have such a marriage!  I want to encourage people so that they see that you can love and enjoy marriage.  For life.


2 thoughts on “Getting married is fun

  1. Amen, Bonnie, amen! Honestly, for me the first few months were a bit stressful as I was only 18 and had just found out I was pregnant too! However, it took about three months to get used to it and it’s been (mostly) fun ever since! We need to show people that we love being married, it was ordained by God to be so. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. You are so right, Bon! Marriage is such a beautiful, sacred covenant designed by the Lord and it is so sad that people do not respect that any longer. When people marry, they think, “Well, if things don’t work out we’ll just get divorced” and I don’t understand that reasoning at all. Marriage is about being all in for God and for one another. Through the hardest times and best times, you’re there to share with your husband and to learn from the Lord together! I talk about Ryder all the time because I am SO proud to be his wife. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

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