Amazing Race!!

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Sooooo………….I am pretty much a super fan of the tv show The Amazing Race.  And tonight was the premiere of season 19!  It was pretty exciting (and intense) watching the opening leg of the race.  There are some good teams this season!

It’s rather early to say which teams I really like….but I must say I do like Bill and Cathi.  I love sweet married couples who race…and they are just the cutest grandparents!  It’s awesome that they are doing the race!  I also like Ernie and Cindy, as some of the clips in their bio/intro video reminded me of The Pilot and myself.  🙂  And, of course, Laurence and Zac, who were part of a homeschool group very close to us (the same group The Pilot graduated with).

Not until the show was over did I realize that I should keep a list of quotes as I watch each week.  There are some hilarious lines!  I wrote down as many as I could remember after the close of the episode.

Liz or Marie (unfortunately I don’t remember who it was) (to monk) I can’t really hug you.

Cathi: “Take a taxi ride”….oh, my dream has come true!

Cathi: (boating for challenge) It’s so beautiful out here.

Cathi: This is the most fun I’ve had all day.

Cathi: (after being informed they were still in the race)  We need to get some ginseng to get our energy up.


I look forward to the rest of the season!


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