Creative Dreams…

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The other day I shared with The Pilot an odd dream I had….and he commented, “Well, I can say for sure that you use the right side of your brain in your dreams.”

It’s true.  I’ve had some really wacky dreams, some really random dreams, and some really odd dreams.

Exhibit A:  A dream I had in June 2010.

I was a spy and I had some sort of small device or item that the bad guy was after.  Riding a motorized wheelchair, I sped through the mall away from the enemy, guarding the precious device carefully.  Expertly, I rode up this circular ramp that went around a pool.  The bad guy saw me and threw his poison pizza slice at me.  I immediately knew all that had to happen was for it to touch me…and I would be dead or at least have very serious injuries.

I saw the poison pizza coming and cleverly decided to jump into the pool.  As soon as I had done so, however, I realized how…unclever…that had been.  Right on my heels, the bad guy jumped in as well and started swimming toward me.  I had to evade the pizza.  In the process of swimming away, I dropped my spy device and was trying to reach for it in the water.  The bad guy reached for it as well.  I touched part of the pizza crust and I thought, “Well, I don’t want to die, so I’ll just say that part isn’t poison.”

It was very epic.  I don’t remember the end of the dream…I hope I made it away safely…with my spy device and without any pizza.


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