Prepare for your marriage

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We’ve been engaged for almost seven months.  During that time, I’ve had several people give advice and comments and ideas and suggestions.  The best piece of advice I got, however, was from a dear friend.

“Remember that you’re planning your marriage, not just your wedding.  The details of the wedding are important, yes, but they are secondary to the lifetime that you are planning together.”

That stuck in my mind.  At the time it was so encouraging to just…..relax.  Even if I wasn’t “stressing out,” I could just breathe deeply and relax.  Now, as I ponder that bit of advice while typing, I am again so encouraged.

In our planning process, we have had ups and downs…..quite a few downs.  Pieces have fallen into place….and many times fallen out of place again.  But a lot of those things are very minor when I consider the fact that I get to spend my life with the most incredible man in the world (who just so happens to be sitting next to me right now doing homework).  There are much bigger things to prepare for than just choosing a cake, planning the order of the ceremony, and picking our song selections.

How do we love each other according to 1 Corinthians 13?  How can we effectively communicate with each other when we make decisions, have disagreements, or want to express our appreciation?  How can we pray for each other?

Those things we’ll need our whole lives.  And I must say, they are very exciting prospects to consider.  I can think of nothing more exciting than spending my life with my Pilot, growing together in Christ.

The wedding day will be wonderful, gorgeous, and perfect.  But it will only last a day.  Our marriage is forever!

My sister sent me a link to a blog post with 10 Wedding Tips.  Does point number one look familiar?  🙂  Some of the other points on there were very helpful to consider as well.


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