Amazing Race Episode 5

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What a race tonight!!  Again, the challenges weren’t very….challenging…but there were a lot of mix-ups.  I was afraid my favorite team was going to be eliminated!  Thankfully, they are still in.  I love how Tommy and Andy aren’t afraid to talk about Jesus and what they believe.  Great verses they chose!

I was sad with the elimination, though.  For the most part, they seemed like sweet girls.


Tommy or Andy: We are on an elephant right now.

Tommy or Andy: (riding elephant) I guess I’m driving.

Tomy or Andy: I never dreamed an elephant could be this nimble.

Justin: Are we about to ride an elephant?
Jennifer: Hi, elephant!  I’ll give you a back massage with my feet.

Tommy or Andy: That’s some serious four-hoofing.

Sandy: I love my Dumbo.

(Zac says something about spending all night on a bus)
Laurence: A delightful bus.

Marcus: They may look like Ma and Pa…..but they can run!

Tommy or Andy: (when Zac and Laurence were right behind them again) These two again!  What are you doing here?





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