Amazing Race Episode 4

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Tommy and Andy are officially one of my favorite teams.  They do really well, they’re funny, and they’re nice to each other and the other teams.  Plus….tonight one of them in the closing remarks said they were just praising God and very blessed to be there and to have done that well.

Bill: (about taxi driver) He’s going to get us there in….chop chop…..good shape.

Cathi: (taxi passes another team)  Oh, good job!  You did great!

Laurence: This is where we want to go.
Lady: Yes, I know.  Four cars go out.

Marcus: Hey, look at Justin.  He looks like he’s on the front of the Titanic!

Bill: (looking at pile of chairs and umbrellas)  This is a fine mess.

Marcus: Let’s go crazy!  Let’s go crazy!
Amani: He gets his catch phrases and I’ll let him have it.  So we’ll be going crazy all day today.

Tommy: (grabbing clue from nest) The eagle has left the nest.

Tommy or Andy: (to a guy with a poofy hair do)  I like the hair, man!

Cathi: There’s Phil…..with a person.

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