Day 18 of Happily-Ever-After

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Things I Love About Being a Newlywed:

  • Vacuuming our house for the first time
  • Welcoming my husband when he gets home from work
  • Waking up and seeing my husband next to me
  • Looking at my husband and knowing that he will be here with me every day for the rest of our lives
  • Finding recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking for my husband

Things I’m Learning About Being a Newlywed:

  • Living in a very tiny house could mean that it’s pretty much one big booby-trap.  When you stub your toe (again) or hit your knee (again) or bump your hip (again)…accept it, say “Ouch” and move on.
  • It’s hard saying good-bye to your husband every day when he goes to work.
  • When you need to be productive, it can be very helpful to set a timer for 15 minute increments.  Every 15 minutes, switch tasks!
  • I have the sweetest, most caring, most wonderful husband!!!


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