Happy Homemaker Monday

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I don’t remember the first time I saw these posts on
Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.   But I do remember
bookmarking it so that “someday” when I had my own home
I could do these posts, too!  I’m so excited to finally
have my own Happy Homemaker Monday post!  😀

The weather:
Wonderfully chilly and rainy!!  😀

On my reading pile:
Firefly Blue by Jake Thoene.  Only a couple chapters in
but so far it’s good!

On my TV:
The Lost and Found Family…watching while grading.  🙂

On my menu for this week:
Fresh Tomato Pasta
Mini pizzas
Chicken Tortilla Soup

On my to do list:
Grade and make lesson plans for the Jr High Composition
class I teach on Wednesday.
Write thank-you notes.

What I am crocheting, knitting, sewing, or creating:
Nothing currently

Looking around the house:
I spy my massive pile of papers to grade (thankfully,
the pile IS shrinking…slowly but surely).  My book is lying
on my shelf and I look forward to being done with grading
and sitting down to read.  🙂
It’s a little dark because I have my “blackout” curtains drawn..
and it’s a rainy day outside.  🙂

From the camera:
This isn’t from today, but I thought I would post a fun
honeymoon picture.  🙂

Something fun to share:
There’s a lot of one year anniversaries going on…
a year ago yesterday my cousin got engaged..and they have
almost been married six months now.
A year ago today, my sister Melinda first came in contact with
her husband of three months now.
So exciting!

On my prayer list:
A friend of ours with cancer.
Some friends who recently lost their
seven month old son.
Protection for my sweetheart while he’s driving
to school and work in the rain.

Bible verse, devotional:
Psalm 15:1-2, “Lord, who may abide in Your
tabernacle?  Who may dwell in Your holy
hill?  He who walks uprightly, and works righteousness,
and speaks the truth in his heart.”


One thought on “Happy Homemaker Monday

  1. What a great picture 🙂

    Sounds like you’re pretty busy, hope you do get some time to relax and read your book 🙂

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