Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Household 6 Diva and Riding the Roller Coaster teamed up to host a military spouse blog hop in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day last Friday.

My personal military experience has so far been limited to ROTC.  The Pilot, my wonderful husband, has a few weeks left of Air Force ROTC and in June he commissions as a 2nd Lieutenant.  He is a pilot select and in February ’13 we “take off” to Texas for pilot training!  I can’t wait!  This has been The Pilot’s dream for years and we are so excited to finally be so close.  I look forward to seeing new places and experiencing new things.  I look forward to meeting new people and making friends on our base.  We definitely will have an exciting life ahead as we follow God through our Air Force life!

Last year’s Dining Out…

Over the years I’ve collected  various blog posts and articles that I thought were particularly insightful or encouraging…or good ideas for when we go through future deployments.  Here are a few of them for you to peruse and enjoy…

How to Pray for Your Military Man
Ammunition for the Battle: Scripture for the Military Wife’s Arsenal
My About Face
Fake It Until You Make It
The Deployment Dare
Thirty Day Challenges

To all you military spouses who stop by…thank you for your service!  I know you all have different stories and are going through lots of various circumstances in your lives…but you are in my prayers!

God bless.


4 thoughts on “Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It is always good to find spouses to connect with. They will be your lifeline when you’re far from home! Congrats on your hubby’s upcoming graduation from ROTC!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I remember the ROTC days, what an exciting time right after commissioning!! My fiance has been active 3 years now, and I still feel like I’m learning the ropes. Granted, there will be a whole new learning curve once I am a spouse. Do you guys know where the next stop is for you? I remember all the uncertainty, but once you finally make it to the first duty station it feels so much more real 🙂

  3. Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop but I wanted to say that you have a beautiful family and I know that you can’t wait to get to your first duty station! It was nice to meet you! So Happy belated military spouse appreciation day!!!! Amanda

  4. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by my blog during the hop—sorry it took me so long to get over here…better late than never, though! My husband did ROTC in college, too, and one day he actually wants to go back and teach ROTC. You have some fun things in store for you guys 🙂

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