Dining Out





And so concludes our ROTC years.  Last Sunday was our final Dining Out…and next Friday my handsome husband commissions!  I am so absolutely excited and proud of him.  Five long years of hard hard work….

I’ve really enjoyed going to Dining Out with him.  This last time my parents were able to attend for the first time…which is even more exciting because obviously it’s the year the Pilot commissions…and he got to walk through the arch of steel.  So glad they were able to be there for that!

Getting to experience a bit of his world at Dining Out has been amazing.  From the toasts, to the (very sobering) POW/MIA remembrance ceremony, to the speakers, to the awards.  The only part I don’t get is one of the rules they have.  No PDA while in uniform.  Seriously??  Someone didn’t think through that rule too well.  I mean….look at my handsome husband!!  Oh, well.  I was able to save the hand holding and congratulatory kiss until later….

Soon we will be off on our next adventures in Texas!


3 thoughts on “Dining Out

    • Dining Out is basically just the end of the year banquet. 🙂 And PDA just stands for Public Displays of Affection. I guess they aren’t supposed to have “excessive PDA.” Which is understandable…but I was glad when I could hold his hand again. 🙂

  1. That is too cute! 😀 hehe
    I understand about the PDA…we’ve been at church camp all week and it has been extremely hard to not give Ryder a little kiss whenever I feel like it! haha 😀 Oh, well! Excited for you both!!! Love you!

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