100 Posts and a Giveaway – CLOSED


*drum roll*

This post is our 100th post on Life With You!!  In honor of this fact we decided to have a giveaway! The Pilot and I each picked out something to share with our readers.

My pick:

Pretty in Pink manicure set!  Included are:
-Sapphire file
-Cuticle Pusher
-Wood Cuticle sticks
-Cuticle Trimmer
-Nail Clippers
-Salon Board
-3-Way Nail Buffer

The Pilot’s pick:

Sony earbuds!

To enter, just leave a comment saying which gift you would like to win!  Giveaway will close at midnight on Saturday, the 27th.  And, since we have so few readers, your chances of winning should be pretty high!  😉

-The Pilot and Bonnie-

9 thoughts on “100 Posts and a Giveaway – CLOSED

  1. Sounds like a good deal to me! 🙂 I’ve very much enjoyed your blog.
    I think I’d go for the earbuds. 😀

  2. Congratulations :)) it’s so cool that you’ve decided on a giveaway 😀
    I would love to have that sony earbuds 😀

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