On Choosing Who to Vote for

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We have had many discussions with each other and with friends in trying to figure out not just who to vote for….but the way in which to approach evaluating candidates.

We have gone back and forth in thinking things through.  We definitely want to be good stewards with the vote we’re allowed to have.  We’re thankful for the fact that it is a system that is (at least supposed to be) government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  But do we vote only for the person who most agrees with our values?  Do we vote for anyone who is better than our least favorite candidate?  Do we write in someone if no one agrees with us?  Is it wasting a vote to vote for someone other than the Democrat or Republican nominees?

If you have wrestled with any of these questions…..we can’t tell you how to vote.  Or how to think.  But here is an article that shed some good light on the subject.  The author, Michael Farris, also doesn’t say who to vote for…but he tackles these issues from the viewpoint of an American Christian who really wants to be wise with their vote.

Voting 2012: A Personal Essay

-The Pilot and Bonnie –

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