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More Than Able – Mary shares how, ultimately, it is not friends or activities that strengthen us in times of trial.  It is God alone Who is more than able!

Lean Into Yet – So encouraging to my heart!  “Life is filled with ‘even thoughs.’  The only way we can remain steadfast is to lean into ‘yet.'”

Emotions – Good, Bad, or Neutral – Three ways of dealing with emotions.  Stuffing and storing….the two I am most apt to choose!  So thankful that our emotions can be transformed by God so that they do not drive us!

Does God make us suffer?  – My sister, Melinda, talks about God and the role He has in suffering.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Never Hurt Me – Much-needed reminder on how powerful our words can be.

10 Things to Enjoy Before Kids – Hmm….good points on here.  🙂

Making Your Home a Haven Week 1 – Enjoy the best with your family.  Light a candle.  Pray for peace in your home.

Why My Kids Might Go Trick-or-Treating & Why They Might Not – Not a purity issue or a liberty issue – it’s an issue of being a missionary.

Can Christians Vote for Mormons – I remember this issue being a big one in the ’08 election.  Here are some good points to ponder…


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