On my mind…


Dear Bing commercials,

I am not going to stop using Google.  I do not think Bing is better.  They’re pretty much identical, so I’ll stick with what I’m used to and what I like.  So can you please stop playing those annoying commercials on hulu?  Thanks.

Dear enchiladas we made last week,

Thank you for entering our lives.  You were amazing.

Dear Texas,

I have enjoyed our time here with you….but why do you have so many bugs?  Seriously?

Dear Renae,

You’re the sweetest little niece.  Just remember you have an aunt in Texas who loves you very much.  I can’t wait to meet you, sweet girl!!!

Dear Makeup,

Why are you so fun to wear yet so time consuming and annoying?  This is why you and I have an on/off relationship.

Dear Taylor Swift,

While in general I do still consider myself a fan of yours, I am disappointed by the direction your music is going.  True love isn’t about serving self, going against your better judgment, dumping guys, or being angry over relationships. True love is selfless and beautiful!

Dear God,

Thank you so much for the gift of prayer!


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