Worthy Causes

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Around this time of year, people are often looking for ways to give financially to those who need it.  Over the years I have had a few favorites and recently I have found some amazing new (to me) ministries and programs.  Just thought I would share some of them with you!

Emmazing Grace – This is a 12 year old girl who has a burden to help children in Haiti.  Your donation will help provide kids with food, clothing, education, and the chance to hear the gospel.  When you donate $25 or more, Emma will send you one of her paintings as a gift.

Cornerstone South LA – One of my college teachers recently moved to South Los Angeles with his family to start a church there.  I subscribe to their email updates, and it is incredible to see the doors that God is opening.  Matt Moore is being invited into his son’s public school to talk about God because the principal sees that they need help with the racial strife going on.  There are incredible doors of opportunity to show God’s love and to tear down prejudice, hatred, and strife in the school and in the community.  Matt is one of the most humble people I have ever met.  He definitely has a servant’s heart.  You can donate to their ministry here.

AIM – Agape International Ministries – This is a new one to me and I am not as familiar with it as some of these others.  From what I can tell, though, it seems like a great ministry.  Human trafficking is a huge problem today….around the world and even in the United States.  Agape seeks to rescue girls and share Christ with them.  In addition, they also reach out to the pedophiles, pimps, and traffickers to teach them about Christ.

New Tribes Mission – New Tribes’s goal is to reach the unreached people of the world with the gospel of Christ.  Some of our good friends are preparing to be missionaries with New Tribes.  It’s pretty amazing what they do!  They have several specific projects they are raising money for…from translation projects to training pilots to building projects.

Wycliffe – Committed to translating the Bible into the languages around the world!

Compassion – Sponsor a child to help provide food, clean water, education, medical aid, and the gospel.  You get the opportunity to correspond with the child you are sponsoring and really develop a relationship with them.  Through Compassion.com, you can also donate to support mothers and babies.  Your donation can provide prenatal care, infant survival training and more.

Whether or not you give financially to these or other ministries….it is important to remember that above the financial needs here, there are spiritual needs.  Please take a minute and pray for people who are involved in ministry.  Please pray for the recipients of their work.  Please pray that God will bring many souls to Himself!


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