Human Trafficking Awareness Day


Right now there are more human slaves in the world than at any other point in history.

According to the U.S. State Department, human trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal endeavor…second to drugs.

Polaris Project states that there are about 100,000 children involved in the s e x trade, with the average age being 13.

In Nepal, 60% of the girls in the s e x trade have already gotten HIV by the age of 16. says that the average worth of a human being sold into trafficking is a mere $90.

And guess what?  This isn’t just in other countries on the other side of the ocean.  Human trafficking takes place right here in the United States.  Here is a map of where human trafficking has been caught here in the States (and this is not a complete list).

Human trafficking is a major issue that does not get talked about much at all.  Perhaps people are just unaware.  Or perhaps people don’t realize how serious of a problem it really is.  There are 30 million slaves in the world today….both forced labor and forced prostitution.

Here is a great and informative blog post on the topic.

There are many organizations who have seen the need and are combating this problem.  One of which is the Red Thread Movement.  Red Thread is seeking to end human trafficking in Nepal.  Girls who have been rescued are weaving red bracelets.  You can buy them for $3 to help raise awareness and provide support for ending trafficking.  Get involved even more and buy a bunch of bracelets to sell in your area…perhaps at your church, at school, or your neighborhood.

If you take a few moments to do some google searches, you can find out for yourself some of the horrifying statistics regarding human trafficking today as well as find many organizations that are working to put an end to it.


2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking Awareness Day

  1. Wow. This is so sad. I hear about it once in a while, but I think you are right that it just doesn’t get talked about much and so most people are unaware. Other issues – like cancer and abortion or homosexuality – get more attention. Thanks for helping spread the word.

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