Ultimate Blog Party 2013


Ultimate Blog Party 2013


This is our second time participating in the Ultimate
Blog Party from this blog.  We blog on a range of topics,
from daily life, things we are learning, books we’ve read, etc.

Luttkus Family 093-1This is us, the Pilot and Bonnie, at a photoshoot for our
1st Anniversary last December!

It’s still my husband’s posts that get quite a bit of our visitors from
Google.  The Pilot is in the Air Force and we are currently in
Del Rio, TX for pilot training!  Here he has blogged some about
what this experience has been like.  In writing this Party post, I discovered
that I have only posted once on our new life here.  Maybe it’s time for an update?

This post is also another reader favorite apparently.  It’s amazing how
God was able to use our story when I was willing to become
vulnerable and share what God was doing in our lives.

The biggest changes since the Party last year are, obviously,
moving to a new state…and becoming parents!!  This incredible
answer to prayer has been baking for almost 25 weeks.  Sometime around
July 22 we look forward to welcoming our son!  This baby will have no idea
what hit him when he realizes how LOVED he is.  I try to post monthly
updates on the pregnancy.  Stay tuned…name reveal
is coming up in a few weeks!  😀

Thanks again for stopping by!  We hope you enjoy our blog
for as long as you stay!


11 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party 2013

  1. Hi there! Nice to meet you and congrats on the babe! I lived in Texas most of my life, until we moved to snowy Wisconsin nearly 4 years ago. It’s been a shocking change! LOL Which state are you moving or have you moved to?

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