Pregnancy Update – Week 28


2013-04-29 14.24.53

Our son is now about 14.8 inches from head to heel, roughly
the size of an eggplant.  (This eggplant is more the length
of his head to rump as he is now folded up more.)  He weighs
about two and a quarter pounds.  His eyes now have
eyelashes and he can blink his eyes.  His brain is
developing millions of neurons and he continues to
add body weight.

We are officially in the 3rd Trimester now!  I can’t believe
how quickly time is passing.  My coundown app
says that there are 84 days left…12 weeks to the due date!

I still feel great….although the pregnancy hormones (which
have tended to come and go) have certainly been making more
of an appearance recently.  For the most part, I am still able
to get sleep at night.  Those pesky leg cramps have visited
a few times, however.

Every day I generally have between one and two hours
where I can easily get things accomplished….then I just feel wiped out.
It’s hard work making a baby!!  He’s been moving a lot more the past
few days, which always makes me happy.  He does a lot of squirming,
a lot of tapping, some kicking, and every now and then some huge kicks!
He has yet to discover my ribs….hopefully I still have a little while before that?  🙂

I seriously have the sweetest husband ever!!  He is so loving and caring.
He never complains or says anything when he comes home and
the kitchen isn’t sparkling….again.  He doesn’t mind when
I ask him to bend over and pick up something I dropped
because I don’t bend as well anymore.  He helps me cook dinner and
he gives me frequent back rubs.  I love him so much!  He is going
to be an amazing Dad!!!

We are absolutely in love with the Wingman’s name and absolutely

in love with him!!!  I can’t wait to see his sweet face
in only a few months!!

While we didn’t pick his name based on the name meaning,
I was curious as to what it meant.  When I looked it up, I
discovered a few meanings.
Brave in War
War Strength
I pray that our son will be brave in fighting spiritual battles.
I pray that he will put on the armor of God and be
ready to make huge impacts for the kingdom
of God.  I pray that as others see him, he will be a guide
that points others to Him.

We also completed the Wingman’s nursery….



Currently I am reading Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys
by Stephen James and David Thomas (I’m participating
in an online book club) and Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.

Dear Wingman,
Typing your name almost brought tears to my eyes.

I love going into your room and thinking
about you sleeping in that crib.  I love looking
at the pictures we have on the wall and being reminded
of what an answer to prayer and what a precious miracle you are.
God has big plans for you, my son, and I can’t wait to see
what they are.  Thanks for moving so much!  I love
feeling you move.  I love YOU so much!!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – Week 28

  1. You look awesome! What a cute dress. 🙂 And what a great name. I’ve read Stephen James’ fiction and didn’t know he wrote nonfiction too; if I ever have a boy, I’ll have to check it out! Blessings on your third trimester. 🙂

  2. This post makes me so happy! And you look beautiful! 😀 That baby boy is SO loved already and I know we are all anxious for his special arrival! Love you guys!

  3. Congratulations! is this your first? We are expecting our fourth (and first girl) this week! Good luck to you in the coming weeks and happy pushing! 🙂

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