Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

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2013-05-26 20.58.59

The Wingman is now about 16.7 inches long, weighing
approximately 3.75 pounds (measurements/weight
from The Bump and Baby Zone).  His toenails, fingernails,
and hair have been growing!

I can definitely tell that he has been growing, as he has
now discovered my ribs.  His movements, while still
absolutely adorable, now sometimes cause me to catch my breath.  I
can’t believe that it’s already been 32 weeks!
My countdown app says 56 more days until my
estimated due date!

Last week I was out in CA for a visit.  The ladies from my old church
there threw me a baby shower.  It was so special and
so sweet of everyone to come and literally
shower me and The Wingman with love!  Quite a few ladies also
chipped in to purchase our jogger/car seat set and
that should be delivered in a week or so.  I can’t wait!

I have found myself thinking even more about what
this sweet boy will look like.  I can’t wait to see every feature
of his sweet little face!

I have really been blessed with a pretty
easy pregnancy.  God is so good.  Even with the back pain,
sore ribs, low blood pressure, and working with
high blood sugar, He is so faithful.  All of this is worth it because
of this precious answer to prayer growing inside me.

Recently we have been around several adorable young
people.  Some of what they have to say about pregnancy
and our baby is too cute.  I have to share
some quotes!

From our little neighbor:
“Does he poop in his pants?”

M: I want to see him.
Me: He’s still in my tummy.
M: Can you hold him up?

“If you scream, will it wake him up?”

The Pilot’s little niece:
(She kept wanting to see the baby
and feel him and know where his head was, etc.  One time
she reached up my shirt and felt the band of my
maternity jeans)  “He’s wearing a diaper!”

“Aww, he’s so cute!”
I agree.  😉

Random children at the San Antonio riverwalk:
(As we were walking by…)
Boy: This earthworm is having babies!
Me/The Pilot: Wow!  How exciting!
Girl: (sees my belly) Like you?
Me: Yep!
Girl: How many?
Me: Just one.  In July.

So cute!!  I love the things kids say!

Lately I have been trying to
pray more for The Wingman.  I have really been blessed by the book
Praying Through Your Pregnancy (don’t agree with everything
they say in there, but the prayer topics are so helpful!)
and The MOB Society (Mothers of Boys) Facebook page (same
disclaimer as above book).  I also got a copy of The Power of a
Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  I look forward to reading that!

My husband and I are still working at Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
It’s hard to find time for us both to read together, but
we are working our way through it!  I am also still reading
Wild Things.  I want to finish it, but so far I am pretty sure
I do not recommend it.

On our To-Do List for the next few weeks:
-Take maternity pictures
-Pack hospital bag
-Research vaccinations

Dear Wingman,
I can’t believe we are getting
so close to meeting you!  Tonight I pray that you
will have a heart that is soft toward the Lord.  That you
will love Him and be in awe of His works.  Thinking
about raising you is both humbling and overwhelming…
but I know that Daddy and I are not on our own.  You
are God’s child, created in His image.  He will be the One to 
guide us and guide you throughout each of our lives.  I love you!

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