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Women Living Well is doing a series on the Top 10 Marriage/Motherhood Quotes.  Today I am joining in!

The other day I was pretty exhausted and decided to watch a movie.  After browsing our limited selection, I decided on Fireproof.  I love this movie.  So many great, great pieces of advice about marriage.  I didn’t get 10 quotes…but here are 5 from this movie.

1. Caleb: You never leave your partner.  Especially in a fire.

2. Michael: Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come.  But that when it does, you’ll be able to stand it.

3. Caleb: You didn’t have to glue (the salt and pepper) together.  (Moves to pull them apart)
Michael: Don’t do it, Caleb.  If you pull them apart now, you’ll break either one or both of them.

4. Michael: Don’t just follow your heart, man, because your heart can be deceived.  But you gotta lead your heart.

5. Catherine: What day are you on?
Caleb: 43.
Catherine: There’s only 40.
Caleb: Who says I have to stop?

I love how this movie shows true commitment, true love, and true faith in God.  Just what every marriage needs!

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