Introducing the Wingman!!


We are so glad to announce the arrival of our precious son!

Our Little Wingman


He was born after 19 hours of natural, unmedicated labor.
First family photo…about 2 hours old.


Our little cutie!

He is the most perfectly precious baby.  We are absolutely
thrilled that he is here and we are completely in love.
God blessed the labor and delivery so much.  It was
an incredible experience!

A few posts are already scheduled for our blog…but
if there is a lull you will have to excuse us as we
are spending time with our little son.  🙂

Dear Wingman,
All these months and weeks of waiting for you 

were more than worth it.  You are perfectly created in the image
of God.  We can’t wait to see you grow and become a man.
It is still so surreal to know that only a few days ago
you were still inside the womb…and now we
get to see your precious face.  We love you, sweet boy!!
-Daddy and Mommy-

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Wingman!!

  1. Congratulations! I don’t often comment, but I’ve been following your pregnancy on your blog. Don’t know why, but just feel connected to your sweet spirit. A family centered on God is a blessing!

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