New Mommy Lesson

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You know what’s amazing about being a Mom?  Well…one of the many things that are amazing about being a Mom?  I’ve been blown away by the things that I am learning about God.

During times when the Wingman has been screaming, I’ve said things like, “Don’t you know Mommy loves you?  Don’t you know I’m here?”  Or of course just the reassurances of “I’m here.  I’ve got you.  You’re okay.”  Or the time when we were driving when it was a feeding time and I kept reassuring the screaming Wingman that I would feed him just as soon as we found a place to pull over.  Then when we did, I said, “Mommy would never let her little boy starve.”

Sometimes when I talk to the Wingman, I’ll be stunned as I realize the spiritual correlations.  The love that I have for him is only a minuscule amount compared to the great love that God has toward me.  I’ll be honest here…God’s love for me has been something that I have struggled with.  But when I think about how the parent/child relationship reflects God’s relationship with His children….I am stunned.

Matthew 7:11, “If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”

How could I doubt God’s love? How could I doubt His provision?  If I, being an inexperienced and sinful creature, have this much love and care for my son….the ramifications of God’s greater, perfect love are huge.

Or what about the times where I have said, “Trust Mommy.”  “I’m putting you down for a few minutes so that I can get my Moby on….you don’t need to scream as if I’ll never hold you again.”  “I’ve never let you starve before…I won’t start now.”  “Mommy’s right here…you’re not alone.”  How often do I act toward God the same way the Wingman does to me?  I forget God’s provision in the past…my eyes are so quick to look only in the moment that I forget that God can see the bigger picture and is in perfect control.

I love my baby so much.  I don’t want to see him sad, scared, or lonely.  So often I forget that, just as I am always here for my sweet boy, God is always here and available and desiring me to run to Him.

I love those times where as soon as words are out of my mouth to my son, I am literally in awe of God.  I love learning about Him while being a Mom!


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