4 Month Update


Well, it’s been 4 months since I’ve been born.  Life is pretty strange this side of the womb.  There is so much to look at and see.  My parents like to make goofy faces and noises to try to make me smile or laugh.  It works.


My favorite things are….

…bath time!  Sometimes when I’m grumpy I cheer up immediately in that water!
…wash cloths or towels!  These little things are so much fun to grab and play with!
…getting dressed!  It’s so funny when the onesie goes over my face!
…being cuddled!  Moby’s are probably my best friend!
…reading books!  Good Night Moon and The Nose Book are my favorite.  I love looking at pictures!
…being Super Baby!! I love it (usually) when Daddy or Mommy lifts me up in the air!

My tricks include…

…rolling over.  I can roll both ways now!  Last week I was on my back and rolled to my tummy.  When Mommy looked up and saw, she started clapping and cheering.  I think she was a little proud of my trick.
…grabbing my feet.  These things are awesome!  I can’t quite get them to my mouth though.
…sitting up (with help).  I don’t like just lying down.  It’s more fun to sit up and see the world!!
…putting anything and everything close by into my mouth.  Daddy’s hand, Mommy’s shirt, my bear, you name it.  It all goes in my mouth!

Until next time,

The Wingman

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