Things People Google

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I find it interesting to see the Google searches that bring people to our blog.  Sometimes they make sense and sometimes…..I’m left scratching my head.  Here are some of the things people have searched for.

  • “Pregnancy Update week 12.”  I’m not sure why week 12 gets the most searches, but….it does.  We also get lots of pregnancy search variations.
  • “Super Woman Versus Abiding Woman.”  Interestingly enough, this is one of the posts that gets the most traffic from Google.
  • “Long toenails.”  Yes, you read that right.  Long toenails.  When I first saw that one, I could NOT figure out how in the world someone came to our blog from that search!  (Do yourself a favor….do NOT Google it and definitely do NOT Google image it!!  I may or may not have made that mistake. 😉 )  Eventually I figured out it must have been from either this post or this one where I talk about the Wingman’s toenails developing in the womb.
  • “Looking down smiling and laughing.”  Not sure where this came from, either.
  • “Life with you blog Bonnie.”  Hmm….I’m guessing someone who knows us but couldn’t remember the link?
  • “We said i do, exchange vows…happy anniversary.”  Love the progression there.  🙂
  • Many variations of searches for posts on pilot training
  • “Discouraged on low carb.”  Aww, whoever you are, I’m sorry you were discouraged!  I really hope these posts (here, here, and here) helped encourage you!
  • “Praising the Lord with your thoughts and.”  Not sure what the end of that sentence was.  Hope they found what they were looking for!
  • “Ann Voskamp supports Romney Obama.”  It must have led them to this post.  Sorry I couldn’t help the searcher find an answer!
  • “My heart wants you.” And it led them here.  Aww, is our blog really that good?
  • “Christian response to false accusation.”  And many variations on that. Hopefully this post was helpful!
  • Various searches about waiting to get pregnant, PCOS, trusting God at the doctor’s office, etc. For all of you waiting to get pregnant, my heart aches with you, and you are in my prayers!!
  • “Amazing Race bridal shower.”  A while back I blogged about The Amazing Race.  Never thought about having it as a theme for my bridal shower, though!

Some of the searches made me laugh.  Some of them made me almost cry.  I hope that our blog can be an encouragement, whether you’re stopping by to find out about life at Laughlin, who Ann Voskamp supports for President, toe nail difficulties, bridal shower ideas, or encouragement for life’s difficulties!


One thought on “Things People Google

  1. Definitely funny! My funniest is “koala bear pregnancy” because of my blog name and how often I wrote about my pregnancies. Not much about pregnant koalas, though, I’m afraid (although I’m tempted to write a post about that just for the people who google it!). 🙂

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