To Do Lists


I have reinstated the use of to-do lists.

I go through spells in which I’ll use them.  Then I get so used to them that I either burn out or forget to use them.  Apparently I’m the type that needs to keep changing things up.

But for now it’s back to to-do lists!  I’m loving it.  I make a list for every day and it is divided into two sections…one section for things to be completed while the Wingman is awake, and one section for things to do while he’s sleeping.

2014-03-09 16.05.39My notebook

Each day I have personal goals (like memorizing a song, working on my Spanish, or playing piano), exercising, and cleaning.  Some jobs I do every day (dishes and emptying the trash), and bigger jobs or jobs that don’t need to be done as frequently, I spread throughout the week.  This week I had things like disinfecting trash cans, dusting the fans, and wiping down appliance doors.  I use The Confident Mom’s planner for ideas.  (I highly recommend her planner!!)

I am loving how much it’s been keeping me on top of things.  The extra accountability is really helpful for getting things accomplished.

Do you use to-do lists?  How do you best organize your time?


4 thoughts on “To Do Lists

  1. I never thought about splitting them up into awake kid time and sleeping kid time – what a great plan! I’m all about the to-do lists. It’s just a matter of actually crossing things off. Ha!

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