Creating Memories



I have found myself several times pondering memories.  More specifically, our little Wingman’s memories.

I wonder what moments will be special to him.  What will be impressed on his memory.  What will be the stories he will tell his friends?  What will he fondly recall to his children someday?

I think about the future.  I think about the family trips we want to do.  The trips to the park on weekends.  The memories that we already plan to create.  I think about the memories that we won’t even try to create, but that will be the ones that will mean a lot to him.

Then my thoughts turn to his current memories.   He will most likely remember nothing specific about the next couple years.  But he will remember the love he is shown day to day.  He knows day to day that we love him, take care of him and play with him.  These moments make me smile.  These memories will build and build until he eventually remembers the events that go with them.

Memories begin with moments.  And I treasure these moments we have each day!


4 thoughts on “Creating Memories

  1. Memories are created when you are truly mindful. Meaning living in those moments. He knows what your love already is because of your daily interactions. 🙂 Soak up the memories!! 🙂 Be present! Love this!!

  2. I wonder that too, often, or think about what they are thinking. Sometimes I’m amazed by what my girls remember… they talk about things we did last year that I’d forgotten about, and still remember our trip to Mexico two years ago (when they were 4 and 2).

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