What To Do in a Small Town


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We moved from Southern CA to Del Rio.  Let’s just say that there is a big difference between the city we came from and the city we are in now.  Our little corner of So Cal was small by So Cal standards…..but huge compared to Del Rio.

So of course, the question is raised…..”What are we supposed to do here??”

There are the obvious ones….

1.  Eat.  We have 3 McDonald’s, 2 Subways, Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, Sonic, Chili’s, Applebees, lots of Mexican choices, and a couple Chinese.  But we have also enjoyed some of the restaurants here that are not chains….including this AMAZING Mexican place called La Hacienda.  Look for the places that are unique to your area!

2. Find out where people hang out.  There are a couple bars (not our scene), a movie theater (with very inexpensive tickets!!), and a bowling alley.

But…after the obvious….it seems like we’re not left with much.  There’s a bit of shopping, but you can check out the entire mall in an hour.  Or less.  As a friend said, shopping in our mall is like saying, “Oh, this is cute!!…..I saw that last week.”

So…..what else can you do?

3. Find out of the way shops.  When a friend was visiting, we found this little shop full of vintage things.  There were old irons, an old plow, an ice box, two typewriters (that I would have loved to purchase!), and more.  There are several boutiques downtown.  Look for the things that are less obvious.  The key is to forget about the fact that there aren’t the stores you are used to and figure out what the town DOES have.

4. Go for a drive!  My wonderful husband and I have enjoyed several afternoons of just driving around the area.  We’ve explored around the lake….and we’ve also just picked a direction and just waited to see where it took us.  We found an old historic cemetery and a little hill with a cross on it.  We found this tiny (tiny) little town that made Del Rio look big.  We saw some beautiful scenery.  We saw things we never would have seen had we not just explored!

5. Find out what kind of outdoorsy things are in your area.  In this part of TX, it’s a little hard, because we are pretty much landlocked.  All the property around us is generally private property…mostly ranches.  But there are things to do.  There are hunting areas, and we have an awesome lake where you can do things like rent boats or kayaks and go water skiing.  There is also a hiking trail near the lake.

6. Spend time with friends.  Host a game night.  We love having game nights!!  Buy a fire pit and have people over in the backyard.  Grill burgers and hot dogs.  Have a movie night.  Go out to eat.

7. Talk to the locals and find out what they like to do and where they like to go!

The key is to be creative.  It’s also important to remember that there are things that make every place special.  It may not look like what you’re used to or where you came from….but there are good things about it.  Try to find something, even if it’s just one or two things, that you can be grateful for!  And if you’re in the military or otherwise move a lot…remember that it’s only for a season.  😉


6 thoughts on “What To Do in a Small Town

  1. I grew up in a small town too, so I know sometimes it gets hard to find things to do but you do get creative and find your own way of living.

  2. We’ve lived in small towns too and enjoyed it, but you’re right that it’s a shift from the big city. 🙂 We did lots of movies. Where we lived, there were monthly jamborees where we could go dancing and listen to music – that was fun. We like the natural areas too, exploring trails or parks or lakes.

  3. I live in a small town and one of the BEST things about it is the local fairs and festivals. There are also farmer’s markets, antique shows, flea markets, and musical events. The schools often put on plays and performances too. If you’re really lucky, there is still a local drive-in!

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