Reelee Delightful Creations


Gotta give a shout out to a fellow military spouse!  Reelee Delightful Creations makes awesome customized items for the military!  Are you in the military or do you know someone who is?  Check out her selection!  Here are some of the items I have gotten from her…

i'm with the hot one in the green flight suitI’m with the hot one in the green flight suit

Laughlin UPTUPT Wife Laughlin AFB (Front)
UPT wife(Back)

She also has some really cute pillowcases, sweatshirts, undies, and more!


4 thoughts on “Reelee Delightful Creations

  1. Great way to show pride for your husband and the men and women in the military. What they do over is brave and courageous we cannot thank them enough for allowing us to stay safe and at peace here.


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