You Know You’re a UPT Wife When…..

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You know you’re a UPT wife when…

  • When you wake up to the sound of Velcro ripping as they change patches from one flight suit to the other.
  • When you hear the phrase “so to speak” and your mind automatically starts trying to figure out the innuendo.
  • When you criticize the “dogfighting” scenes in Top Gun.
  • When you call the other pilots by their last name and sometime get confused when someone mentions a first name.
  • When you know which way the planes will be landing on the runway based on the direction that your flag is flying each morning.
  • When you recognize the plane by the sound it makes.
  • When anyone says, “So your husband is like Top Gun,” you try to hide your distaste because they don’t know that’s the Navy.
  • When you immediately recognize the distinct smell of a flight suit.
  • When you recognize jalapeño popcorn when walking through the buildings.
  • When there are a million ear plugs everywhere.
  • When all your snapchats are of planes or the inside of planes
  • When you know what penguins on an iceberg means.
  • When your pilot runs a checklist when buckling your son into the car seat. “Two legs, lap, seat kit, shoulders, harness…”
  • When you use CRM when driving. “Clear left?”
  • When you have flown a flight simulator.
  • When your husband ask you to read the TAF instead of looking at
  • When your husband says “Roger” instead of responding with “okay” or “got it.”
  • When everyone is surprised to see him at family functions.
  • When you actually have to buy an airline ticket and it makes you mad, even though you’ve saved thousands flying for free.
  • When you start to use their lingo. “That checks”, instead of “that makes sense.”
  • When you can list the majority of the Air Force Inventory with little to no hesitation.
  • When drop night is practically a holiday.
  • When you know the pilot is home by the smell when they take off their boots
  • When they say “Can you help me study?” Then they get mad at you for not knowing what anything means.
  • When your children answer “Negative” instead of “No.”
  • When conversations with family take twice as long because you have to explain all of the UPT lingo.
  • When you realize they need an acronym for all the acronyms.
  • When you go over the checklist in the car while doing quick trips into town.
  • When you know the checklist because you’ve recited it so many times.
  • When you know bold face and ops limits better than some classmates.
  • When your husband responds to you by repeating what you said…(Me) Is the front door closed?….(him) front door is closed…(Me) I have the keys….(him) you have the keys
  • When you’re ready to leave and you give the ole “pull chocks” hand signal.

(Warning: Video does contain innuendo, so if you don’t want to hear it….you might want to pass on this one. 🙂 )

One thought on “You Know You’re a UPT Wife When…..

  1. ha ha I can relate to just about everything on that list. I finally have gotten Joe to change all his patches the night before so I don’t have to hear it in the morning. Took me forever to accomplish that though.

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