One Year of This Incredible Love


Last week our sweet son turned one.  It is so crazy to realize that we no longer have a little baby.  We have a toddler!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over one year since I was posting pregnancy updates. One year since we made the announcement that our son was born.

365 days since our lives were forever changed.

12 months of figuring out our new normal.

52 weeks of sleeplessness, tears, joy and love.  So much love.

It is through being a Mom that I have learned so much about so many things.  Things like prayer and the nature of God.  Several times I just looked at the Wingman and my heart literally swelled with love.  Is this the love You have for Your children, Lord?  The kind of love that doesn’t change and never leaves?  “Yes,” He whispers to my soul.

During this past year I have taken hundreds of pictures and videos.  I don’t want any moment to escape our memories!!  And yet the past 12 months have just sped by and now here I am….a mom to a toddler.  Where did my baby go??

One year!!  One year of that precious smile and that adorable giggle.  One year of watching him “wrestle” with Daddy and chase each other around the house.  One year of seeing him examine a new object, with a look of pure concentration on his face.

I am beyond thankful for the privilege of being the Wingman’s Mom.

Dear Wingman,
You are now one year old.  It has

been such a joy watching you during this year,
as you have learned how to smile,
how to hold things, how to crawl,
and how to walk.  You are so precious to us and words
cannot even describe how much we love you.  We are praying
that you will continue to grow up healthy and strong.  We pray
that you will grow to love the Lord and serve Him.  You are 
created in His image and He has incredible plans for you.  
We can’t wait to see where He ends up taking you!  
Daddy and Mommy


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