DIY “Guitar”

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When I saw a blog post mentioning this idea, I had flashbacks to similarly playing when I was young.  I knew I had to try it for the Wingman!

Total cost?  $1.00.  The Dollar Tree had a bag full of rubber bands of various sizes.  I sorted through it and found the biggest ones, which I then put over our loaf pan.

2014-06-28 00.07.49

Yay!!  Now to see how it passes the baby test.


At first he wasn’t too interested and he started to play with his dinosaur toy.  Daddy gave it a couple “twangs” and the Wingman looked up with a big smile.  Now he was interested!!


He never quite got the hang of twanging it himself, but he enjoyed pulling off rubber bands and banging the loaf pan on the ground.  Definitely a toy that will need supervision, since the rubber bands are quite easy to pull off.  While the first go at it wasn’t super successful as far as “music”, he enjoyed it and I know he will keep having fun exploring it.


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