Being Intentional in a New Place


Before too much longer we will be PCSing (moving) to our new home.  I am looking forward to seeing who God has chosen for us to get to know.  I can’t to see who He wants us to befriend.

As The Pilot and I have talked about several times before, though, we are going to need to be intentional from Day One.  Before we moved to Texas, we knew we needed to be intentional and get to know our neighbors and community.

And we did.  To an extent.

But then life kicked in.  Pilot training was so busy.  I was shy.  I got pregnant and was nauseous.  Our neighbors were in different phases of training, so it was hard to find times to get together.

And that’s fine….life does happen.

But it made us realize that when we move to Nebraska, we truly need to be firmly intentional from the get-go.  We do not want life to crowd out the opportunities we have to be with the people God has placed in our lives.  We do not want to get into our comfort zone and find only a few people to be friends with.

That is one of the reasons that I put some intentional hospitality goals on my 101 list.  I can’t wait to host that block party and those game nights!  They will provide great opportunities to get to know our neighbors and church family.

What do you do to intentionally get to know new people?


2 thoughts on “Being Intentional in a New Place

  1. This is a great goal. When we moved from Alberta to BC, we were excited to have some new community (after living for a year with almost no community). However, looking back, I realize I also moved with the mentality that we’d be leaving again in four years, so I was a bit wary of making friends. Now that we’ve been here for four years, and whether we stay or not is still up in the air, I’ve tried to be more intentional about making friends. I’ve reached out to some of the women I’ve met at various church events to say, “Hey, let’s have coffee.” I started hosting a ladies’ night at my place. I’ve made an effort to go out to other events ladies I know are hosting. 🙂 It’s tough, sometimes, but it’s paying off. So blessing to you as you move and find a new community!

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