Book Review: Supermarket Healthy

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I have been trying to revamp our diet over the past year or so, making gradual changes toward a healthier pattern of eating.

The problem with a lot of healthy recipes?  They include items I would never buy due to location or price.  So I was definitely interested when I saw the subtitle “Recipes and Know-How for Eating Well Without Spending a Lot.”


Not only are there tons of recipes in there, the author includes tips throughout.  There are supermarket strategies (buying tips, ways to save, etc), kitchen strategies (time-saving tips, etc), and entertaining strategies (stretching food and making it party friendly).  She also includes what she calls blueprints….a recipe but with variations on it.  I personally like this because I like to have a basic recipe I follow even if I do change things up a bit.  And the final component is the nutritional information included for each recipe.

You can read the introduction here, as it explains well everything that is included.

As for the recipes, there are still quite a few that require ingredients I never purchase (clams and seaweed noodles, for example) and I am unsure how to buy them inexpensively.  Then again, I’ve never looked for them, so maybe I would be pleasantly surprised at the price.  There were quite a few recipes that intrigued me however, like the Deconstructed Lasagna, the Grilled Orange-Glazed Tuna, and the Caffeinated Coffee-Oat Smoothie.

I look forward to giving some of these recipes a try!

Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for free in exchange for this review.


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