Blogger Men Tell All – March


And now for a post that I have been looking forward to ever since last month.  😀  I give you a few words from The Pilot.  🙂

Blogger Men Tell All
  • Do you like to cook? If yes, what is your favorite thing to make?
    The Pilot: Cereal.  Oats and chocolate.  And no.
    Me: You don’t want to say anything about that one meal you made?
    The Pilot: Nope.
  • What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
    The Pilot: You know.
    Me: Interestellar.
    The Pilot: Interstellar.
    Me: Anything you want to say?
    The Pilot: No.
    Me: Honey you can’t always say nothing in these interviews!
    The Pilot: Hey I’m the one being interviewed!
  • Can you name 5 makeup brands?
    The Pilot: (laughs) No.  (Pause)  Whale Blubber.  Cow fat.
    Me: Is that it?
    The Pilot: Yeah.
  • What are your biggest pet peeves?
    The Pilot: People using big words.
    Me: Seriously?
    The Pilot: Yes.  (Things) that could be easily said and more precise with common language.
    Me: More precise is not accurate.
    The Pilot: Hey this is my interview.
  • What are your biggest goals right now?
    The Pilot: To raise the Wingman.
    Me: Is that it?
    The Pilot: And….have a good family.
    Me: Is that it?
    The Pilot: That’s it.

The Pilot: Is the interview over?
Me: Any final remarks?
The Pilot: No.

Haha my man cracks me up!!!  Love him so much! 😀

Until next month’s link-up….

-The Pilot and Bonnie

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