You Know You’re a Mom When…


Being a Mom is awesome.  It really is.  But sometimes there are the more unique aspects of motherhood that only a Mom can understand.  I asked a bunch of my Mom friends for help in making this list.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh at what motherhood hands you!  😀  So I present you with…

You Know you're a mom

You Know You’re a Mom When….

1. You rock back and forth even when you are not holding a baby.

2. You don’t care if you have another person’s poop on you.

3. You don’t remember what it was like to shower daily.

4. Hot food, alone time, and shopping are all distant memories.

5. You know exactly how many months it has been since you had a full night’s sleep.

6. When you find yourself constantly saying to not eat objects that are not edible.

7. When fixing your hair is an accomplishment.

8. When you get dressed up, makeup and all, just for a trip to the grocery store when Daddy has the baby.

9. When you will drive around for hours because you are  desperately trying to get a cranky baby to fall asleep.

10. When you sit in the driveway with the car running because the baby just fell asleep and you don’t want to wake them up.

11. You enter any store and head straight to the baby/children’s section.

12. You feel naked if you leave the house without Cheerios and a sippy cup.

13. You think that ringing the doorbell during bedtime/nap time is unforgivable.

14. You know the songs/tunes to annoying baby toys.

15. When you smell something funny and you automatically smell the butt.

16. You find pacifiers, bottles, and/or onesies in your purse.

17. You realize you can count on one hand the times you have actually carried a purse instead of a diaper bag.

18. There is Sharpie on your walls.

19. You have to hide your sacred chocolate.

20. You wash little bed sheets every day.

21. You go through 4-6 gallons of milk a week.

22. Private bathroom time is a thing of the past.

23. Every piece of fruit in the fruit basket has little bites in it.

24. You’ve gotten used to ice cream soup since it always melts while you’re taking care of the kids.

25. You get excited about 4 straight hours of sleep (and your non-Mom friends look at you with wondering pity).

26. You can change a diaper in 4 seconds flat.

27. You no longer wear jewelry but spit up is your new accessory.

28. You say “potty” instead of “restroom” or “ladies room” like most adults.

29. Your one year old’s improved bowel movement not only makes the dinner conversation but is also the highlight of the day.

30. When you can no longer fathom staying up into the wee hours of the morning….on purpose.

31. When you haven’t shaved your legs in so long, your child uses the stubble as a sensory game.

What would you add to this list? 🙂




8 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mom When…

  1. Oh let’s see…. how about when you’re only accomplishment for the day is having everyone dressed and out of jammies before Daddy gets home. Or unless it’s an animated toddler show or movie you haven’t seen it.

  2. Hilarious! And I have to admit that the last one about shaved legs may just be me about me….. I can relate to so many of these as well! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Great post! I’d have to add- When you walk around the house singing the theme song from Dora The Explorer and Team Umizoomi! 🙂

  4. I can definitely relate to many of these! I never had such a comfort level with poop (only my kid’s) before becoming a mom. Its the craziest thing!

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