The Joy of a Child

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You know one of the (many) things I love about our son?  He loves life.

It’s so funny to me how we can just be going about our day and suddenly he’ll say, “Doggy!”  I’ll stop and listen for a second and sure enough, there is a dog barking in the distance.  Or when we’re driving down the road and he gets so excited in the back seat because he sees a truck.

It is super adorable.

Sometimes I just get down on his level and look around.  What is life like when you’re only a couple feet tall?  What kinds of things do you see and hear?  Everything is still new to him.  Everything is still awesome to him.  He just plain loves life.

We adults are so used to just tuning things out.  We are used to the noises and distractions, so we can tune everything out and focus in on whatever it is we want to concentrate on.  Or we bury our noses in our phones and forget to just look around.

I’ve enjoyed the little reminders from my son to just take a second to stop and notice things.  Things that normally I might take for granted but if I stop and think about it it’s actually pretty awesome.

What do you notice around you right now?  What awesome things are going on in your life?


One thought on “The Joy of a Child

  1. So true! My girls notice things I haven’t and I love that. A friend of mine said she never even saw the train in the opening sequence of Disney movies (you know where they show the castle and zoom out from it?) until her son – who is OBSESSED with trains – noticed it. 🙂 I love their excitement over the little things too… like that dog or the flower or truck is the best thing in their day. 🙂

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